What’s Happening in India through National Pastors?

Posted on September 20, 2013

church-north-india-2.jpgEvery day in India, God is doing great things through the pastors partnering with Serve India Ministries. Here is a report from
four pastors who worked in North India. Every day, they are growing in God’s Word, ministering to needy people, serving children, planting churches, in short, fulfilling the Great Commission. 

Pastors growing in God’s Word...

“The BILD training from Serve India Ministries helped me to grow into a person whom the congregation now looks on as one who stands guard to maintain the love of Christ Jesus....”

Pastor Masi* has planted 5 churches in the last 5 years

Pastors ministering to needy people...

“After I started to work with Serve India Ministries, God sent me to a man named Bahadur who was possessed by an evil spirit. When I prayed, God delivered him. Witnessing this, 36 people joined my church and are now believers…..”

Pastor Saraaf* brought 145 people to Christ in the last 5 years

Pastors serving children....

“I praise God that I have been able to visit the homes of each of the 50 children in the Stepping StoneCenter. Through this Stepping Stone, I have seen about ten families coming to the Lord, despite facing oppositions....

“More than 20 children come regularly to the Sunday School.... Many of these children have invited me to their homes and directed me to the homes of their neighbors who were very ill and in need of prayer.

“...These little children believe exactly what has been taught to them and practice it without fail. They have prayed for those who were sick amongst them and the Lord has answered by immediately stretching out His healing hand.

“My only prayer after faithfully working amongst these children for the past five years is that they may keep Jesus in their heart and that the Lord may help me start such centers in the nearby villages.”

Pastor Kapur*, running a Stepping Stones Center in North India

pastors-graduation.JPGPastors planting churches....

“...Serve India Ministries has brought a big change in my ministry. During my first year of joining Serve India, I was ministering to two alcoholics. They became convicted of their sins and decided to receive Jesus into their lives.

"Subsequently, they opened their house for me to conduct church services at their home…..that's how my first church began.”

Pastor Jalla* ministered in 6 villages for the past 5 years

Every day in India, God is doing great things through the faithful work of men like Pastor Masi, Pastor Saraaf, Pastor Kapur, and Pastor Jalla. These men have completed their five years with Serve India, and continue to serve the Lord in their villages. And God is using them mightily to exalt Himself among the nation of India!

*Names changed