The Gospel Brings Deliverance and Healing to a Drug Addict

Posted on September 17, 2012

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Vinod serves as a Serve India pastor in North India. His life is a powerful testimony of God’s saving work in those bound by the chains of sin.

Vinod’s quest for satisfaction led him to alcohol and drugs. And his quest left him broken and empty. At home, his wife was suffering from a serious illness. In his business of selling clothes, Vinod had lost all he had – almost 30,000 rupees ($552). 

“Come to Jesus, and Jesus can give you life. He can deliver your wife from her sickness, and you from your habits.” As someone spoke these words to Vinod, they pricked his heart.

Pastor Vinod attends a pastor training in North India When Vinod visited a church, the pastor encouraged him, “Ask the Lord to give you your daily bread.” Vinod, with his drink in hand, mocked the pastor, saying, “How will the Lord give me daily
bread if I don’t do anything?”

When Vinod visited the church again, the pastor boldly told him, based on the power of God’s word, “If you believe, then Jesus will deliver you…” Although completely under the control of his addictions and not wanting to listen to the pastor, the words somehow penetrated into Vinod’s heart.

One day, as Vinod went from door to door selling clothes, he felt God tell him that if he would trust in Jesus, then Jesus could heal his wife. With faith rising in his heart, Vinod went back to the church. In prayer, he confessed his sins. After some time, God miraculously healed his wife. Vinod’s faith grew! Finally, he accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

The Great CommissionVinod started reading the Bible. The words of Matthew 28, Jesus’ great commission to His disciples, greatly influenced him. In his heart he knew, “I must go because only Jesus can save people. Because Jesus has saved my family, my wife, and my life, I must preach the Gospel.”

Today, Vinod serves the Lord as a pastor in one of the most unreached states of India. He says, “Wherever I go, I go with much confidence that if you believe in Jesus, Jesus will save your soul.” God is doing many miracles through Vinod’s ministry. Vinod has planted one church and is working on planting other churches. The saving work of the Gospel in Vinod’s own life gives him strength and courage to share Christ’s love with others.

Vinod’s testimony shows the power of the Gospel to conquer sin and bring new life! Join with native pastors who are sharing this Gospel with the unreached throughout India!